EURADEX is an independent, transactional media agency and digital ad network with a special focus on offering clients a path through the murky world of media buying in Hungary. Unlike sales houses and many agencies, we don't make big upfront purchases that we are then obliged to unload on our clients, or ask our clients to make a long-term committment to us. Whether online or off, and whatever the budget, we can help you make sure you get what you are looking for, at the right price. For more information, or a free customized media offer, give us a call or just drop us a line here.


  • Maximize your ad budget
  • Reach specific target audiences
  • Receive one consolidated invoice


  • Reach more potential advertisers
  • Specify your own prices
  • Receive updated ad market data


  • Access new inventory
  • Add niche sites to media plans with minimal effort
  • Maximize existing client relationships

our direct network

total number of sites 775
total monthly page impressions 1 347 927 509
sites offering ad views (AV) 505
total monthly AVs (CPM OFFERS) 624 003 764
average CPM (cost per 1,000 AV) € 3.63
sites offering time-based sales 713
total monthly AVs (TB) 684 868 080
sites offering click-throughs 288
total monthly AVs (CT) 836 147 149
average CT price € 0.93
Last 1.93
52-Week High 0.00
52-Week Low 0.00
Sites in Index Basket 669
Date of Inception 2010/09/01

Market Data

  • Keep track of pricing and other market trends.

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